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How I feel about Zach Nichols


From The Real World: San Diego

When he talks about how a “real man” should act:

When he showers:

When he wears head bands:

When he does goofy dance moves:

When he smiles:

When he wears green facial masks:

When he goes surfing in wet suits:

When he wears girls’ underwear: 

When he gets confused with “Thor”:

trueeeeeeee :)

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→ : "Law & Order: SVU" drinking game


drink when:
  • Elliott uses force with suspects
  • The familiar “dun dun” sound effect is played
  • Munch makes a sarcastic remark
  • Olivia talks to a child
  • Dr. Huang interviews a suspect
  • The main victims withhold pertinent information
  • The characters drink coffee
  • An episode mentions Hudson…

(Source: queenbetsy)

When there’s an athlete in one of my classes


I just sit there like:

#athletes  #sexy  #rawr  

The Awkward Moment

The awkward moment when someone has some smartass thing to say about one your your post on TUMBLR as if I truly give a fuck.

#stfu  #awkward